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Whether you know your dream or are searching for a purpose. FindYourPassion is your vehicle to find passion to skills and skills to learning mapping. You get support of mentors, and ability to hone skills in events relevant to your quest.

Why find your passion?

The scent of a fulfilled dream is refreshing. Dream needs passion. Passion needs purpose. Find Your Passion helps you explore skills that can become your career and helps you understand the time and effort required to master them. You get information on typical career paths in the skills, courses that you can take, subjects you learn, competitions you participate and people you can connect with. It all starts with harnessing your passion.

As a student, it is important you become skilled in something significant, meaningful and useful. What can reward you, engross you and make you happy. Whether that leads to a white collar career, a blue collar job, an amazing hobby, entrepreneurship, or a career in scholastic, you need to know the skills that you will master.

To learn anything significant, you may want to participate in a variety of events—mentorship session, podcasts, competitions, internships, challenges, paper writing etc. Through Find Your Passion Events calendar you can find events closer to your interest and follow them.

Don’t know who to consult or who to learn from? Here is your golden chance to connect with industry veterans from around the world. Learn from them. Some mentors give virtual 1-0-1 session, others conduct podcast, some are available in Question Hours. Join them to clarify your doubts and power your dreams.

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Extending the future

Find the right mentor for you

Whether you are on the way to expertise or know nothing about the future, never feel alone in your journey. You need help and at every stage of your skill learning, we have got the mentor for you! Search across and connect. You may find your bridge to the future.

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